2021 MABGA Annual Tournament

Revised 10/21/2021

The Middle Atlantic Blind Golf Association wants to thank all the people who help make our 2019 Annual MABGA Tournament a success. It is with all your help that MABGA can support our Junior Golf Program and give our members the opportunity to enjoy the great game of golf.

We want to especially thank the Partners Specialty Group for their very generous contribution as our 2019 Signature Sponsor. It was with their help and all our other patrons that we were able to obtain our financial objectives.

Dear Friends:

In 2021, MABGA is celebrating its 73rd anniversary. We have been helping the blind, both adults and juniors since 1948 to enjoy learning and playing golf. Your support enables us to continue with the various programs we offer those with visual challenges. In 2019, with help from our corporate sponsors, we had another very successful year and hope to continue that trend going forward.

Our 2021 annual golf tournament will be hosted by Talamore Country Club, 723 Talamore Drive, Ambler in Pennsylvania. The date of this event is Monday, October 25, 2021. With the help of our sponsors, MABGA continues to operate this annual fund raising event which enables the association to expand our activities in many key areas – most notably the Junior Golf Program, which now serves more than 86 blind boys and girls and have expanded its operation to North Jersey and Bronx, New York, and coming soon to Atlanta, Georgia . We are asking for your continued help, as a sponsor, and/or by playing in the golf tournament. Our sponsors allow MABGA to expand our efforts to better serve the needs of the blind community while helping to fund our ongoing operations. I am enclosing our sponsor form, which lists various types of sponsorships from which you may select, and on the reverse side is an application to play in the golf tournament. We want to work with you to maximize your tax-deductible sponsorship benefits at every level.

Thank you again for your support in helping MABGA improves the lives of the blind community. If you have any questions or concerns, please visit our web site: http://www.mabga.orgor contact us at 215-745-2323.


Middle Atlantic Blind Golf Association
Mario Tobia

P.S. Confirm your sponsorship and sign up now! REGISTRATION DEADLINE is October 1. For questions, call MABGA at (215) 745-2323.

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