MABGA Golf League Rules

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Summary of MABGA Golf League Rules

Author: Mario Tobia
Revised: 9/14/2014

Section One – Golf Committee:

There will be a 3-person golf league committee to mediate any league disputes and all committee decisions are final

Section 2 – Qualification:

Any current or prospective MABGA members who meet the requirements by shooting an unadjusted 65 or less for 9-holes shot from the forward tees during the April and May outings are eligible to participate in the golf league. Anyone who does not qualify at the beginning of the season will have an opportunity to qualify and play at the mid point of the season.

Section 3 – League Structure:

There is only one division in the MABGA Golf League. Golfers will not be separated by blind, visually impaired, or by men or women. The handicapping System provides a means for two players to have a fair match, regardless of skill levels, and adjusts a player’s Handicap up or down as the player’s game changes

Section 4 – League Pairings:

The league will coordinate with the MABGA starter for all league matches for that outing and the starter will align the groups accordingly.

Section 5 – Handicapping:

All golfers will receive a nine-hole handicaps based on their previous rounds of golf. For the First match of the season, we will use either your last year’s handicap or if one is not available, your adjusted gross score from your qualifying rounds to establish a beginning nine-hole handicap. Your qualifying round will be adjusted by reducing any blow-up holes to a maximum of quadruple bogey.

The Golf League uses a golf handicapping program to determine and maintain golfers handicaps. The program uses the official USGA Handicaps formula which is summarized below:

  1. Obtain your score, slope rating and course rating for the round played.
  2. Subtract the course rating from your score.
  3. Multiply this amount by 113.
  4. Divide this amount by the slope number of the course to get the differential.
  5. Repeat for each of your scores.
  6. Multiply the differential by .96 to get your handicap.
  7. Average the best 10 of the last 20 rounds for the final calculation.

Section 6 – Playing Format and Match Play Rules:

We will play a 9-hole match and the match is to begin on the back nine of that course or the 9-hole agreed upon by both players. The golfer and their coach should play the front 9 using the standard alternate shot-format. If the outing is using a shotgun start that day, you and your opponent will decide which 9 you will play for your match as long as it is a consecutive 9 holes.

Section 7 – Allocating Strokes:

Before playing your match, the golfer with the lower handicap will have to give strokes to the golfer with the higher handicap. This is done by subtracting the difference in the two handicaps and assigning those strokes to the most difficult holes on that nine as indicated on the scorecard.

Section 8 – Match Play Format:

Unlike stroke play, where your total score for the round determines a winner, match play format is a contest between two golfers where you can win or lose each hole played.

Once a golfer reaches a maximum score of quadruple bogey for a hole, he must pick up his ball and mark his scorecard with his adjusted score of quadruple bogey followed by an X. The quadruple bogey is the adjusted score for the hole and the X indicating that he picked up his ball. If you pick up your ball, you cannot win that hole. If both golfers pick up their ball on that hole, the hole is automatically tied/ halved, regardless of when or where either golfer picked up their ball.

Section nine – Scoring:

The golfer who wins the hole gets a point. If the hole is tied, neither golfer receives any points for that hole.

After the nine holes, the golfer with the most points wins the match. If there is a tie after nine holes, then the match will end in a tie.

The winner of the match will receive 3 points in the standings and the loser will receive 1 points. If the match ends up in a tie, both golfers will receive 2 points in the standings.

Both players in a match are responsible for submitting the final scores and the match outcome to the league official. Keep the scorecard for verification in case of a discrepancy.

Section 10 – Forfeiting Rules:

If your opponent is not available for your match, is forfeiting or you are scheduled to play alone that week due to an odd number of players in the league, then the golfer will need to play nine holes against the scorecard to receive points for that particular match. If you beat the scorecard after applying your handicap plus three bonus strokes, you will receive 3 points in the standings for winning the match, otherwise, you will receive 2 points in the standings regardless of a tie or lost.

Players who cannot attend the course on league day must play the scorecard within 14 days of the original match to receive any points in the standings.

The forfeiting player plays the score card as indicated above and will receive points according to the final results of that match. Unlike your opponent, you will not receive 1 point for a lost against the scorecard; but will only get points for a win or tie.

Section 11 – Golf Rules:

All matches will be played under USGA RULES, which means the ball will be played down and as it lies at all times. USGA RULES will govern except where a local or league rule takes precedence.

All matches shall be played from the forward tees.

If the course dictates “Cart Path Only”, then players can LIFT, CLEAN, AND PLACE the ball in your own fairway only, no closer to the hole.

Golfers are permitted to ground their club in a hazard, such as a sand trap or bunker.

IMPROVE LIE RULE: If your ball is in your own fairway and rests in a divot or in ground which may be considered under repair, even if it is not properly marked, or in an “unfair” lie in a bunker, you may take a drop, nearest point of relief, no closer to the hole, without penalty, only after notifying and receiving permission from your opponent. A bunkered ball must be dropped in the bunker. If permission is not granted then the ball must be played as it lies. This is a judgment call by your opponent and cannot be appealed.

Any opponent can concede / give a putt to you at any point, as long as it is for bogey or more.

excluding the qualifying rounds, The MAXIMUM score on any given hole is quadruple bogey. A player may pick up on any hole and take an adjusted score of quadruple-bogey followed by an X to indicate that he picked up.

“The 4 Options Rule”: Lost Ball / Unplayable Lie / Out of Bounds / Wooded Areas /Any Hazard PENALTY: ADD 1 STROKE and use one of the following 4 options listed

  • Option one: Drop within 2 club lengths from the ball or point of entry, no closer to the hole. Consider a lateral drop if applicable.
  • Option two: Keep the point of entry between yourself and the Flag and drop on this line, no closer to the hole, back as far as you want.
  • Option Three: Keep yourself between the point of entry and Your Previous Shot and drop on this line, no closer to the hole, back as far as you want.
  • Option Four: As a last resort, drop and re-hit from the same place as your previous shot.

Unplayable Lie – League Exception: A player at any time can declare their ball unplayable, whether it is lost, in the woods, or in a difficult position and take a lateral drop, no closer to the hole, on the edge of the fairway with one penalty stroke and play the ball from that spot.

If there are any RULES DISPUTES during a match, you can play a provisional ball and the rules committee will make a decision. All Committee decisions are final.

Pace of play is critical for the success of the league and you must play accordingly. Golfers should play ready golf to accelerate the pace of the round and wait on the green for your opponent to putt.

If you fall more than one hole behind the group in front of you, pick up your ball and mark your scorecard with your handicap score. Mark the hole as tied and proceed to the next tee.

Section 12 – Standings:

Standings are kept based on your wins and losses and is not determined by your handicap.

Section 13 – Weekly Prizes and Playoff:

A small weekly award will be given to the golfer who shoots the lowest net score and is presented at the following league outing.

After the conclusion of the regular season, there will be a play off to determine the season winner. The playoffs schedule will be posted on the league web site prior to the playoffs beginning.

The league winner will get a $50.00 gift certificate to the clubhouse pro shop on the last day of competition.

Section 14 – Web Site:

There will be a web page with all golfers in the league, their league handicaps, league rules, the standings, and the league schedule. There will also be a link on the league web page to email the golf committee with any questions, submit scores or to sign up to join.